The Genesis Difference

There is a reason families flock to the Emerald Coast every year – the memories and experiences they make with the people they love.

At Genesis, we strive everyday to provide our guests with a “hands on feel” that focuses on providing lasting impressions. Impressions that make life long memories. This is why we get 5 star ratings, this is why we get repeat vacationers year over year, this is why we get glowing feedback and smiling faces.

The Genesis Experience

No two groups are the same right?

So the services provided to each group must also be flexible. Whether it’s a wedding party, family reunion, sporting fans, or a golf buddy getaway, we listen to the needs of the tenants and custom build their vacation experience. A bottle of champagne, tee times on the course, tickets to the big game, all make a lasting impression. It all comes down to getting to know each group and planning to assist in their experience in the way that “they” need us to.


The vacation rental business moves fast—lightening fast! So getting responses back to each inquiring group within minutes instead of hours is essential. People will make decisions on booking many times by how they are treated and the ease of booking. So we make it a priority to be fast and convenient to each request, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Our goal is to respond to each request within 15 minutes of receiving it.

The Genesis Network

At Genesis, we know the importance of upkeep and maintenance for our beach homes and do our best to ensure they stay in tip top shape for you. And in the event you arrive and something isn’t in order, we react lightning-fast with our network of service providers ranging from plumbers, HVAC technicians, pool professionals, groundskeepers, electricians, and handymen to remedy the problem so you can focus on your time at the beach and not worry with a pop up issue with the property.